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What motivated us to found the association?

The intention of the foundation was and is to create sustainable added value for people of the countries of the Global South and thus to contribute to increasing equal opportunities.

Our goal is to reduce structural inequalities, enable help for self-help and support local partners in case of individual needs.

Our vision is to have a positive impact on the lives of people in economically weaker regions and thus help them to improve their living conditions through their own efforts.
As naive as it may sound at first, we dream of a world with equal opportunities for all - how great would that be?

Access to education, clean water and a functioning infrastructure, regardless of whether you live in Cuba, Congo, Togo or Ghana. In these and many other countries of the Global South, many people do not have this opportunity for a self-determined life.

We know that this is a powerful dream, but we have chosen to carry it and also to realize it with all the possible resources that are available to us as a young association.
However, we also know that this requires the cooperation of ALL of us. If not from today, then when?
If you too would like to carry this dream with us in the future, then get in touch with us and we will show you the different forms of support we can offer you or click immediately to our current Projects and support us financially in their realization.

Your SGP e. V. Team


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Established In 2020, 'SGP' Strives To Create A World With Equal Opportunities. We Believe That Education Is Key To A Fulfilled Life.

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