Project introduction


The Project


Together with our local partner, we at SGP are pursuing our shared vision of equal opportunities for all, regardless of origin or gender, with this project.

We rely on your support to implement the project & achieve the set goals and are pleased to present below our first creative learning project in Cameroon - SHE ENVISIONS.

Female Empowerment

Overview and Challenge

Help for self-help in Cameroon

Many students of natural sciences in Cameroon and other countries of the global south rarely have the opportunity to experience the practical application of the theory they have learned and thus lack the opportunity to put theory into practice and deepen their knowledge.

As a result, education remains inaccessible and applied science a foreign word. As a result, the few brave girls who study science are lost due to the lack of practice.

This is exactly where we start together with our local partner and support the young women with practical creative workshops that are accompanied by one of our members.

Children Deserve Education

we make it happen

The Key to Success

Sustainable help

With SHE ENVISIONS, we take these young girls to a workshop and train them in lipstick production. 

Our goal is to create an opportunity for independent female researchers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in socially disadvantaged schools in Cameroon.

We want to collect €1000 to buy all necessary chemical auxiliaries, laboratory equipment and lipstick accessories for our project schools and start the project.

In the end, each girl makes her own lipstick and learns about the science behind it.

Share the project with your friends and acquaintances via the social buttons to support us further and become a part of the movement.

We need your help!

To support the project SHE ENVISIONS you can send us donations of any amount. Every amount brings us one step closer to our goal and can make a big difference for these young girls in Cameroon.