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Sustainable Growth Projects

Who are we?

Wir sind eine Gruppe von Freund:innen, aus denen sich über die Jahre hinweg eine Familie gebildet hat. Dabei haben unsere unterschiedlichen Herkünfte und unsere passion for social justice played a decisive role in the idea of founding the association.



We always pursue the goal of implementing projects that have a long-term sustainable effect and represent a step towards helping people to help themselves. A partner project that is ideal for us encourages the local community to be more independent and self-reliant and to improve their quality of life.  We accompany our cooperations in the long termand expand respectively.Our support lasts according to individual needs even beyond the successful completion of the project. For us, the sustainability approach also means keeping donors informed about the progress of the projects in the long term. 



Collaboration has a special relevance for us in terms of needs assessment and the relevance of our projects in countries of the global south. We believe that our local partners know best which projects are currently important for the community and actually need support. Therefore, we work in close cooperation and exchange information on a regular basis.  Together we can achieve more than individually. That is why we have also joined forces in order to unite and complement each other's different skills, knowledge and experience.  


Respect & Diversity

"Human dignity is sacrosanct." Therefore, respect is one of our most important and at the same time taken for granted at SGP. We live these values by treating people with the same respect regardless of their origin, religion, gender, physical characteristics or social status. We assume that this respect is based on reciprocity and are convinced that all parties involved benefit from working together as equals. Because only then can all parties benefit in the long term. Based on this principle, we are open to cooperation with any social, religious, scientific and political organization that represents our values.

Meet the team

Together we can achieve more than individually. That is why we have joined forces in order to unite and complement each other's different skills, knowledge, and experience.

Frequent questions & answers


SGP is the abbreviation for the association's name "Sustainable Growth Projects"meaning thatwe sustainably helpour developmentprojectpartners. 

The idea for SGP was born during a video conference call among longtime friends. Due to the different family roots (Cuba, Ghana, Togo) of the membersthe desire to promote, sustainableprojectsthat support our fellow humans . From the various ideas and approaches, it quickly became clear that the best way to implement them was to form an association.  

Through our funded projects we want to help people who needour support in various areas.Through the joint projects we would like to improve living conditions and future opportunities in a sustainable way in cooperation with local partnersas required. 

We look forward to receiving your e-mail, feedback on our social media platforms or a message via the contact form.

With SGP we want to ensure maximum transparency. This means that you, as a potential member or donor, should always have the opportunity to see how we use donations locally. Through this transparency, we want to stand out positively and ensure greater trust.

It is very simple. Write an email to We will contact you immediately with the membership application.

Since we finance our projects and events only through donations and membership fees, we charge an annual fee of 60 €.

You want to leave? To cancel your membership, please inform us in writing at least 4 weeks before the due date of the fee. Of course you will receive a confirmation from us.

We are happy about any kind of monetary donations that you send us via our association account (IBAN: DE05 3706 0193 4002 2790 08 ; BIC: GENODED1PAX) or PayPal ( We will gladly issue a receipt for your donation. Donations in kind are welcome, but only by prior arrangement.

Please let us know in advance by email what type of in-kind donation it is. Depending on the project, the required funds may vary. We will be happy to clarify details in a personal conversation.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela