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Transparency - We play with open cards

Let's play with our cards on the table - that's our motto at SGP e.V.

On our site, the buzzword transparency is very often mentioned, but what does that actually mean in concrete terms?
When we talk about transparency, we mean that during the implementation phase of a project, the cost structure, the level of development and the hurdles, but also the success should be shared with you.
Wir möchten allen Projektpartner*innen, Spender*innen und Mitgliedern oder auch Interessierten, Einblicke in die Projects und allem was dazu gehört gewähren. Hierzu stellen wir auf unserer Website immer transparent sichtlich unsere Anzahl der Projekte, Partner*innen, Mitglieder und unsere Umsetzungsquote dar. Somit ist für jede*n ersichtlich, wie sich unser Verein weiterentwickelt.

But being transparent overnight?

That's what we want, too. Share and publish everything immediately. But the reality is that as a registered association, you have certain rights and obligations and should be very careful about what, when and how you share information. We don't publish numbers, data and facts until they have been verified. This is taken care of by our founding member Casey, among others, who is in charge of our finances and who we have already featured on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The current pandemic is making itself felt in many areas. Even we, as a young association, are facing great challenges. We are now looking to the future with hope and promise that the value of transparency with regard to our projects will continue to have a high priority.

If you would already like to know more about us or have questions about the Projects , please contact us via our website, mail or social media. We welcome questions and suggestions and are happy to answer them. Because as I said - we want to play with open cards.

Your SGP e. V. Team 


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