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The founding members

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Our Vision

Equal Rights

Our vision is to create a world with equal opportunities for all. It is particularly important to us to have a positive impact on the lives of people in the Global South and in economically weaker regions. We want to give people the opportunity to improve their living conditions by their own efforts and provide the appropriate conditions through social projects.

Sustainable Growth Projects e.V.

The founding members

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Olivier Atanley

There is a special talent in everyone. Some are lucky enough to live in a society with opportunities and resources to nurture this talent. But many do not have this luck and so this undiscovered potential can not be fully exploited or even called. I think that every person should have the same opportunity to call up his best "I". That's why a few years ago, together with my friends, whom I now also call my family, I thought about how we could offer people, especially children, teenagers and young adults from economically weak regions, a better perspective and chance to discover and properly use their potential. The privilege to develop freely and the conditions to acquire knowledge should be the same for all people. With the association, we would like to take small steps in this direction and make our contribution so that the good things that have happened to us are passed on to others.

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Michael Paa Nii Mensah​

I think that each of us can have a positive influence on the living conditions of our fellow human beings in his own sphere of possibility. Because if we support each other, everyone can learn something from each other and thus benefit equally. This is exactly the attitude we want to live with SGP.

The beauty of SGP for me is that I can share this vision with my friends and together we take the step to change.

Michael Mensah - SGP
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Hendrik Plein

SGP means helping people meet basic human needs and improving access to education so that these young people can pursue their talents.
Education can be a door-opener and applicable knowledge is necessary to achieve goals and self-actualization. With SGP we support people in realizing their potential and carrying out sustainable projects with the goal of self-help.

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Charles Casey Nketia​

Since my parents come from Ghana and I was lucky enough to be able to take advantage of all further education opportunities in Germany, I would like to contribute with the help of our association to giving young people and children in countries of the global south better educational opportunities.
It is important to me that the respective projects that we implement in the future can also be used by the next generations.

Charles Casey Nketia
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Frieda Amoako

Education and an existing, but also functioning infrastructure are, in my opinion, the cornerstones for stabilizing a society. This is exactly what SGP wants to achieve in cooperation with the people on site and thus take the first steps together towards helping them to help themselves. I think that this is the most sustainable form of development, which is why I want to support SGP with what I have at my disposal and also push it forward. Not all changes in the countries of the Global South are immediately recognizable, but it is also the small steps that can shape a society. SGP as a non-profit, for me, is the opportunity to not leave the world as you found it. The beauty of SGP for me is that I can share this vision with my friends and together we dare to take the step to change.

Michael Mensah - SGP
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Galo Hernández​

I am a native of Cuba, and have lived in Germany since I was eleven years old. Growing up in two different worlds, one of my goals since then has been to make a contribution that will sustainably help the next generations stand on their own two feet. After several trips to Cuba, Jamaica and Ghana I came to the decision not to be idle anymore.

For me, SGP means transparency, commitment and initiative. At SGP you will find people with heart, dynamism and high commitment. More than enough for me to not only be a part of the group, but to give my all with every single member!

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Murbarak Adam

My name is Adam Murbarak, a hotel manager by profession. The job I do has made me realize how important contact between people is. Everything seems easier when you organize as a group and work together towards a common goal. When a mutual friend asked me to be a part of SGP, I didn't have to think twice to say yes. Together we achieve more positive change, and have the chance to support our fellow human beings through projects. I am here to do my part, and together with our group, create something sustainable on behalf of SGP. I look forward to the time and experiences on our journey together.

Adam SGP
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Soha Babar

One of my favorite pastimes is learning. The learning effect that one achieves through experience is a very special one. Especially when this learning effect comes from working with fellow human beings. One of the reasons I chose SGP is because I would like to be personally involved in the implementation of sustainable projects (in the global south).

Michael Mensah - SGP
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Philipp Forster

What would the world be like if everyone had the same opportunities? To get a little closer to this vision, I would like to get involved where the conditions are more difficult, because everyone has the right to develop their full potential. SGP is our channel to give something back. Access to education is essential for the development of each individual, but it often has to be facilitated or encouraged.

With CRM knowledge, my job is to manage our projects and identify potential through analysis. In addition, I am an absolute fan of our team culture and appreciate each individual very much.

The world is full of knowledge. Our task is to strive for it and grow from it. With SGP, we support people in seizing this opportunity.

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