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Project fountain construction - access to water 

Our association has set itself the task of launching joint Projects ins Leben zu rufen. Unser Ziel dahinter ist es, mit Zusammenarbeit auf Augenhöhe mit Menschen in Ländern des Globalen Südens nachhaltig strukturelle Ungleichheiten vor Ort zu beseitigen. Um dies zu erreichen, unterstützen wir nach individuellem Bedarf.  

Today we would like to introduce you to one of our projects: The fountain construction 

In 2020, we launched the association's first project, the construction of a public well in Togo, in cooperation with "Humanity First Germany e.V.". 

Because although most of us take access to clean drinking water for granted today, it is still not guaranteed for everyone. An arduous path and many hardships are just some of the efforts for the local community.  

But why did we devote ourselves to this project in particular? 

We want to support multiple improvements in the quality of life. A well not only provides access to clean water, but also saves time. People no longer have to travel long distances to get drinking water. This saved time benefits other activities, such as gainful employment or community work.  

Through our project, we hope to improve health. The health risks from unpurified water sources will thus be minimized.  In addition, the risk of accidents on long walks, sometimes in the dark, will be reduced.  

Finally, we would like to emphasize cooperation. We say: Together we can achieve more! For this reason, 100% of the donations collected are also passed on to "Humanity First Germany e.V." for the construction of wells in Togo and the project is supervised in close cooperation.  

Our cooperation with "Humanity First Deutschland e.V." is based on our common focus on sustainability and the more than 20 years of experience the association already has in planning and implementing long-term projects.  

If you would like to learn more about our well construction project, please contact us here or via social media! We are looking forward to your message.  

Your SGP e. V. Team  

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