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Project introduction


The Project


Education is the key to a fulfilled life, as it broadens one's horizons and thus enables one to shape one's own life in a self-determined manner. To ensure access to education, we are supporting the construction of adequate educational facilities.

We rely on your support to implement the project & achieve the set goals and are pleased to present below our first educational project in Cameroon - School in BAFOU-DSCHANG.

Promote learning in Cameroon

Overview and Challenge

Help for self-help in Cameroon

What do you think is the key to a fulfilled life? Self-realization? Self-esteem? Money? - We believe it is education.

Education broadens horizons and enables people to shape their own lives in a self-determined way. However, although education is an important resource for coping with life, there are no adequate educational institutions in many countries of the Global South.

The goal of our project "Bafou-Dschang" is therefore to improve the learning and the well-being climate of the children of the state school (French: École Publique de Djuttitsa) in Bafou-Dschang in Cameroon.


Until Mid 2022 together with the fashion label Leopolt x Kuckuck, we would like to collect €10.800 to support the school with approx. 100 school benches (20 per classroom), 10 break benches & a green recreational area as a relaxing place delivering shade for breaks.

Children Deserve Education

we make it happen

The Key to Success

Sustainable help

Currently, there is not enough seating in the classrooms at the school. Due to the lack of seating in the school, the children have to sit on the dusty dirt floor for several hours.

In the schoolyard, there is also no possibility for the children to rest adequately, such as benches. Therefore, the children eat on the ground. In addition, it is not possible for the children to find necessary protection from the sun. Since the children are exposed to the blazing sun during their breaks, they are unfortunately still exhausted and unfocused as soon as classes start again - We would like to change that!

SGP e.V. and Leopolt x Kuckuck therefore hope for your support! With a small donation for the project you can help more than you think to make the world a little better.

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We need your help!

To support the school project in Bafou-Dschang you can send us donations via the button or directly to our account. Every donation helps the children in Cameroon sustainably.