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We welcome you to the first blog post of SGP e. V.!  

2020 has been a very special year, as for many individuals and institutions, also for our association, Sustainable Growth Projects (SGP). Our association is public since fall 2020 with the registration in the register of associations of Wiesbaden and our website went live. 

The foundation of an association can be compared to the construction of a building

Before construction can begin, a building design must be prepared. Accordingly, we have already prepared the basic concept for SGP in late summer 2019, before the registration in the register of associations. 

While 2019 was used for team finding & building, defining the association's goals and processes, in 2020 the "construction work" began. The website testifies that the "outer facade" is in place. Shortly before the lockdown phase, the entire team had met in person in Wiesbaden, only to learn soon after that this would not be possible for the next few months. Nevertheless, we managed to organize a first small kick-off event for friends and family at the end of September 2020, where we were able to present our association concept. Translated with (free version) 

What did we spend the rest of the year doing?  

With the "interior" of our association: What functions will there be? Who will take on which responsibilities? What do we start with and how do we work together? 

We worked out the answers to all these questions over the course of the year, in calls, in virtual workshops, and sometimes in a face-to-face meeting of individual members. 

Consequently, what have we learned in 2020? Just having a plan and building the "outer façade" alone is not enough. Because even more so, when the "building" becomes visible, it is essential to provide clarity about the function of the individual "rooms of the building" and also the overarching reason for its existence. Our association members will certainly all agree that much has been done so far for the "interior", but that the journey is not yet over. 

From now on it's showtime and our shared journey begins!

Will our efforts so far bear fruit? We will see soon and we are only strong together with your help! Check out our Projects now and donate quickly & easily to support our partners.

Your SGP e. V. Team  


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